Can-Teks Textile was launched in textile business under POLIM PIER brand in 1998 has been a leader in men's wear fashion in time. POLIM PIER brought a new vision to fashion world and became stylish men's brand rendering fast fashion trends in the world with its urban, young, sophisticated, stylish and authentic standing, and proven its distinction with each season's assertive collections.

   It managed to be a leading brand of textile business by its fast, continuous, consistent and quality production mission grasping the change with subsidiaries in Turkey and other countries. POLIM PIER is making researches by its experienced staff and its infrastructure based on communication and training, achieving development, making quality production and marketing at correct spots, and has strengthened its position in the fashion world since its foundation.

   POLIM PIER has been a leader of innovations with its selective collections, and meeting stylish fashion lovers at hundreds of sales points in Turkey, Germany, France, Australia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Morocco, Egypt, Syria and many other countries as a registered brand with its improved service and product quality concept.